Popular Flowers for Floriculture

Roses, orchids, lilies popular for Floriculture

In many homes, offices and other places, flowers are widely used for decor to make the place look better and also for their pleasant fragrance.Many people also grow flowers in their garden since the colorful and fragrant flowers can help them relax, reducing stress levels. Flowers are often sent in the form of bouquets to other people, especially those celebrating a birthday, special event and people who are unwell, as a gift to them. The florists who usually supply the flower bouquets and other flower decor to customers usually get the flowers from farmers who are growing flowers on a large scale, These farmers are involved in floriculture, the commercial  flowers.

While people may grow flowering plants and trees on the property this is mainly for landscaping purposes for improving the appearance of the property,… Other plants, trees may also be grown in the area and trimmed regularly to ensure that the property is well maintained for residential landscaping. Floriculture includes the growing, cultivation, selling and arrangement of flowers, on a commercial scale. A large number of people are involved in floriculture with differing backgrounds and qualifications. This includes the farmers who grow the flowers in their fields, researchers who develop new varieties of flowers, flowering plants and retailers or florists who sell the flowers to customers.

Flowers are usually used for decor, so the florist has trained staff who will arrange the flowers in different ways. The farmers growing the flowers are selling them to wholesalers who will then supply them to the florists according to their specific requirements. The florist usually has hotels, offices as their regular clients,who require fresh flowers for decor daily. The delivery person will deliver the flowers to the customers daily. They also accept orders from retail customers who require flower bouquets and other items for special occasions like birthdays or a wedding. The florist will usually offer bouquets with different combinations of flowers.

Often a fruit basket and other items are sent along with the flowers. Hence the florist will also require fruit and other plant produce. Horticulture is a branch of agriculture which deals with the cultivation of plants, trees and herbs to produce, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and other items. Floriculture is considered to be a branch of horticulture and it focuses exclusively on the cultivation of flowers of different varieties and their use. In comparison, horticulture is a far more comprehensive field, since in addition to flowers, it includes cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Flowering plants like other plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen during the process of photosynthesis during the day. Hence they reduce the pollution levels and global warming caused due to the greenhouse effect. Floriculture involves growing a large number of flowering plants, and this helps in preventing soil erosion which is caused due to heavy rainfall. The flowers also help in cleaning the soil and water to some extent. Many of the flowers have pleasant fragrances, which help neutralize the unpleasant smell caused due to pollution, sewage.

In nature, flowers help in propagation of the species, since the fruits and seeds are developed from the flowers. While flowers are used extensively for decor in homes, offices, hotels, for special events, for gifting there are other applications for which the flowers are used. Many of the flowers are used in aromatherapy since their pleasant smell can help in alleviating the stress levels and improving the mood. Essential oils and fragrances are also derived from the flowers and used for many applications. Honey is made from the nectar of the flowers. The petals of some flowers like rose are edible and are consumed in some countries.

While some flowers like rose, orchids, lilies are cultivated commercially for decor because of their bright colors and fragrances, there are many wildflowers which grow naturally in the wild. The bees get their nectar from these wildflowers and other insects are also sheltered in the flowers. They also help prevent soil erosion. While there are a large number of flowers which are available, only a few varieties are used for home and office decoration because of their characteristics like color and life. Roses, Orchids,Lillies, Carnations, Sunflower, Tulips, Lotus, Marigold, Daffodils are some of the more popular flowers for decor.


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