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Gifts to Take to the Hospital

Going to visit a friend or loved one at the hospital can inspire any number of different emotions, depending on why you are there. No matter what reason they are in there, it is guaranteed that a visit from you is going to really make their day. There are many different gifts that you could bring them depending on why they are there – here are some ideas.

Gift Basket

Whether your friend or loved one is sick or has recently given birth, a gift basket is sure to make them feel extra special and give them something to look at / do while they are in there – because let's face it, hospitals are usually pretty stark places.

 One thing that will really cheer them up is to take them some books or magazines about whatever they are interested in. If they have a favourite author the latest title will be sure to please. Often when you are sitting around waiting for time to roll by in a hospital, a book or magazine is the thing that will help you to take your mind off the experience as the imagination has the opportunity to soar.


Did you ever wonder why so many people traditionally give and receive flowers for every occasion, all year around? It's because flowers can really lift a person's energy field. Not only are flower's beautiful to look at, but their natural vibration is excellent for the immune system, and will make everyone near them feel better. They may not know why they are feeling better but it is a fact that flowers are actually good for you. Be cautious if the person you are wanting to send flowers is in intensive care or a similar critical care ward. As a general rule hospitals will not allow flowers or similar items in to critical care areas because there is a risk of ellergies and reactions due to pollen and natural scents that can be quite strong at times and could possibly unsettle people who are dealing with enough challenges just trying to recover. They will allow the flowers to be placed outside of intensive care in a spot where the patient can see them but it isn't quite the same. However there is an answer, please read on.

Helium Bubble Balloons

Helium filled Bubble Ballons are revolutionary in the world of Helium Balloons. They are made of a very resiliant stretchy nylon type material that is tougher than any other product used in the past. Bubble balloons stay afloat for up to three weeks, when blown up they look very much like a beach ball and almost identicle in shape.

The beautiful bright designs can't help but lift a loved ones spirits, it never fails. Different designs for almost any occasion, get well, thank you congratulations, I love you, disney characters as well as all the popular kids shows and movies. Bubble balloons are perfect for everyone and most important they are allergen free and are preffered and welcomed by all hospitals such as The Royal Childrens Hospital, Royal Melbourne, St Vincents public and private, Epworth hospital and any other hospital you can think of.

Wild Rose Florist delivers daily to all hospitals across Greater Melbourne and every time Bubble Balloons are being delivered the staff are very pleased and the patient even more so. They come in various sizes but generally the 56cm is the most popular. Helium Bubble Balloons are a great way to brighten someones day and they last. 

Fresh Fruit and Chocolate Hamper

Let's face it, at least 95% of people love chocolate, don't they? So gifting chocolate to someone is like giving them a cheeky little treat for later (that they can either share with you or save for when they are alone). Now imagine giving them a fresh fruit and chocolate hamper for them to enjoy at their own pace? Yes! What a treat! Fresh fruit is sometimes (surprisingly) a rare thing to find in a hospital, so take your own. Your loved one will thank you for it when they are biting into a juicy piece of fresh fruit delivered to them.
Hand-made Gifts

No matter who you are a hand-made gift is such a treat to receive – especially if it is made by someone you know. Help the kids (if you have them) to make a hand-made gift to take to the hospital. Whether it is food, a drawing / painting / writing or some other object of affection, it will be sure to make smiles for miles for whoever receives it!

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