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If you have recently become engaged and are excitedly planning your wedding then one of the things you will want to consider is what type of flowers you want in your wedding bouquet. A wide selection of wedding flowers are available from Wild Rose Florist in Melbourne. 

When planning your wedding it's important to look through Australian wedding magazines rather than magazines from overseas for advice about flowers.

Overseas magazines are fine for ideas on dresses and general planning but remember that their seasons do not line up with ours.

That simple tip will help avoid serious disappointment when deciding on flowers and hopefully help you remain focused on planning the wedding that you have always dreamed of.

Local wedding planners may also be utilised as they help to take the stress out of planning your wedding.

Florists such as Wild Rose Florist specialise in weddings and have over 20 years experience. They are able to offer reliable advice regarding flowers and their seasonal availability, their suitability and their ability to last the day. When choosing your flowers it's important to take into account the time of year you will be getting married. You will then be able to select flowers that are in season. A wide variety of flowers are available year round, however many others are seasonal.

It is wise to discuss floral arrangements with your florist; do you want to keep arrangements simple, using the same type of flower? Or you you want to choose a variety of flowers which work well together? This article looks at the most popular wedding flowers in Melbourne.

 Available all year round

Oriental Lilies - Oriental Lilies are large beautiful flowers which are very bold and eye catching, making them a great wedding flower. They are a common sight at both weddings and other functions and are very popular, they do have quite a strong fragrance though and this causes some people difficulty when around them for too long. Their large petals make them great for larger displays.

Roses - Roses are considered a romantic flower by many and are often given as a gift at valentines day or other special occasions. They are also a popular choice at weddings as they are available in a variety of different colours and good quality roses are quite hardy.

Lisianthus - This flower is beautiful, with it's long stem and almond-shaped buds it is a popular wedding flower. It has a delicate appearance but is hardy and long lasting so won't wilt as readily as some even on the hotter days. This may be the flower you are looking for if you are planning a summer wedding. Available in white, purple and pink. It can also sometimes be found as a two-toned flower.

Silver suede - This lovely, delicate flower looks very romantic and is suitable for both button holes and bouquets. It is also known as dusty miller or lambs ears it is fairly hardy.

Gypsophila - Gypsophila is a plant which has little white flowers. It can be used to give an ethereal quality to your wedding bouquet. It is very versatile and can be used on it's own or mixed with other more colourful flowers.

Gerberas - Gerberas are large daisies which are very large and colourful, making them perfect for a summer wedding. Gerberas are available in a wide variety of colours. You could order a bouquet with different shades of pinks or go for a brighter, more vivid bunch that uses yellow and oranges.

Singapore Orchids - This is a great flower for creating a tear drop bouquet which is elegant as well as stylish. The Singapore Orchid comes in a variety of colours including white and purple.

Lavender - Lavender is very fragrant especially when dried. It is therefore excellent for wedding favours and wedding throwaways. Alternatively you could buy fresh lavender for use in button holes or to add extra colour to a bouquet.

Antherium - Antherium is used in tropical wedding displays. It's great for adding a very modern, contemporary look to your wedding and is an unusual choice. People often thing that these flowers are fake. You will definitely get a reaction if you use Antherium at your wedding.

Seasonal flowers

Peony Rose - The Peony rose is available from October to November and is a lovely, delicate flower. It's great for creating a traditional wedding bouquet as it's available in various shades of white and pinks.

Tulips - Tulips are available from February to November, however it is important to treat them with caution prior to may. They may not be the easiest flower to work with as they are prone to wilting but should last the day as long as the weather is not too hot. Tulips give a bold contemporary look and can be used as centre pieces on tables as well as in button holes or bouquets.

Sweet Pea - Sweet pea are available from June to January. They are great for trailing wedding displays and can even be used to decorate the cake or tables. Sweet peas are quite delicate and come in lovely pastel shades.

Bouvardia - Bouvardia are available from November to July. They are a delicate star-like flower which are available in white, hot pink and light pink. They are perfect for your wedding bouquet or displays. Other flowers can also be mixed with Bouvardia to create stunning results.

Cymbidium Orchids - These orchids are available in the autumn and Winter months. Orchids have been a favourite among brides for year. They have bright blossoms, come in a variety of colours and have an elegant yet tropical feel. Cymbidium Orchards are a luxurious choice for a wedding flower. Perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of sophistication to their wedding day.

For further information about any of the flowers mentioned in this article contact Joanna by email or phone to arrange your free wedding consultation and quotation

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Flower delivery is available throughout Melbourne. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with planning your wedding.

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